" When I had a hard time getting seasonal help, JKJ workforce came through for me and my company Chicken Charlie! "

Charlie Boghosian

Chicken Charlies



" JKJ Workforce is the solution to our labor needs.  Fast, Reliable, Professional and Honest. "

Ramon Vazquez

Circo Hermanos Vazquez



" Our H2B employees are reliable, efficient, and have good customer service skills.  They are vital to our company’s success.  We have used the services of JKJ Workforce for 8 years and are extremely satisfied.  They navigate the complicated process of obtaining our workers for us.  Just like the workers, they provide an excellent service.  We highly recommend this company. "

Jim Royal

Kelly Miller Circus



" On behalf of Cole Shows, I would just like to say that the H2B workers are some of the best men I have worked with.  I really enjoyed getting to know my Hispanic brothers and learning about their customs and ways of life.  Thank you for sending such great workers.  We hope to see many of them again next year and years to come. "

Jonathan Calloway

Cole Shows Amusements Company, Inc.



" Using JKJ Workforce H2B workers has been one of the best business decisions I ever made.  John Evans, President Evans Midland Empire Shows, Inc. "

John Evans

Evans Midland Empire Shows, Inc.


" JKJ Workforce excels in providing quality workers to fill our staffing requirements.  Our company requires kind, easily trained,motivated individuals and that is what we receive from JKJ. Their staff makes the entire process a success and we are a much stronger industry as a result of hiring JKJ Workforce . "

Jean Clair

Luehrs Ideal Rides



" JKJ Workforce is an integral part of Reithoffer Shows Employment program. They have provided us with a dependable and professional foreign workforce for almost ten years. Every detail of the complicated process is handled with a knowledgeable and dedicated staff. They are an important asset to our Company and to our Industry! "

Rick Reithoffer

Reithoffer Shows, Inc.



" We currently employ 41 workers from JKJ Workforce. As you can see, this is most of the workers on our show, SWYEAR AMUSEMENTS INC. We are going on 10 years with these great workers and hope to continue this relationship with them. JKJ WORKFORCE is outstanding in their ability to supply good quality people to operate our good quality show. "

Kathy Swyear

Swyear Amusements Inc.



" Working with JKJ, Jim Judkins, Tess Harrison and the rest of the crew is a pleasure. They strive to make sure all the paperwork is handled completely, properly, and in a timely fashion so that we get our H2B wokers on time and have nothing to worry about if we are ever audited. The workers we get have become like family to the point that we sent birthday presents to Mexico for one of worker's daughter's birthday because he was feeling bad that he was not home for her birthday and we wanted to cheer them both up. This year, one of our Mexicans is expecting his first child so we bought him a few baby outfits to take home. Some of them have been with us for 6 + years. We learn from them and they learn from us. They get along very well with our American workers too. In the many years we have used JKJ, we have had very few problems and the problems we did have were handled imediately and professionally. Jim works very hard at keeping the H2B Program alive for the thousands of us that depend on these workers. We get many letters and emails from other companies asking if they can help us get workers for our season but why should we switch when we are already with the best there is! "

Stephanie Williams

S&S Amusements, Inc.


" JKJ Workforce has been a life saver for my company, Pugh's Concessions.  They have always taken care of my companies needs.  I have done business with JKJ for many years and will continue.  I have employees that have worked with me for over 10 years, I believe that has a lot to do with JKJ! "

Beau Pugh

Pugh's Concessions


" JKJ Workforce has been essential in providing workers that are knowledgeable and dependable in contributing to the success of our company. We look forward to them coming every year. "

Pam Casper

PBJ Happee Day Shows


" Working with the H2B program & JKJ Workforce is great.  We get hard workers and they're  just like family and very loyal... "

Neal Dorfman

Popcorn Neal Inc.


" Year after year, the Carson & Barnes Circus has relied on JKJ Workforce to provide us with dependable, hardworking, legal workers...without these workers we could not move the largest traveling circus across the United States. "

Kristin Byrd Parra

Carson & Barnes



" To write a comment about the program is easy but all the good things I have to say might take all day.  Having this program and working  with JKJ Workforce makes all the worst parts of the business an absolute JOY. Wish it was available 45 years ago, life on the road would have been a whole lot easier. "

Betty Gillette

Gillette Shows, Inc.



" H2b Workers have become and integral part of the amusement business and my company, Rockwell Amusements.  JKJ Workforce has made the process of getting workers easy and worry free! "

Harold Fera

Rockwell Amusements



" JKJ workforce Agency has provided us with a team that can help us continue to grow and expand in our concessions. They have been only an email or call away for any question, concern or just a chat. "

Erica Quintero

JLQ Concessions



" JKJ Workforce has always helped us get legal employment for our amusements.  They're top notch and the absolute best! "

Michael Brajevich

Butler Amusements



" I have been working with JKJ Workforce for 12 years and I have to say that one would be hard pressed to find any recruiter that was more knowledgeable, dedicated, and tenuous than Jim Judkins. He is more than a recruiter, he is an irreplaceable member of the Wade Shows team. "

Frank Zaitshik

Wade Shows



" I own the Australian Battered Potatoes. Jim and his staff went above and beyond to help get H2B visas for two employees. During my season I hire 70 part time employees most live locally at the fairs I play. My H2B employees  play a  huge role in my business,they are already trained and have the maturity and skills I need that many of the young employees I hire are just learning. At the end of the fair between the work ethic of my H2B employees and myself these young people (most their first job before the fair) are now employable. You can tell by the photo who the H2B employees are !!! "

Carmel Dyer

Australian Battered Potatoes


" It is a pleasure working with JKJ.  The staff is efficient, professional and extremely knowledgeable about the H2B visa program. They make sure all paperwork is completed properly so that we never have to worry that our workers won't be approved or arrive when we need them, and assist with end of season procedures. When we first began using the program, we had not heard of JKJ and began the process with another agency.  That agency failed to file the proper forms which put us in great jeopardy of not having workers for our season.  We called JKJ, who stepped in at the last minute to help.  They made sure our application was expedited and approved in time. "


Paladin Amusements



" JKJ Workforce and the H2B program has been a significant part of Jolly Shows success for the past nine years!  Working with the JKJ staff makes me feel comfortable and confident that I am being provided with dependable hardworking, legal employees.  Without JKJ Workforce and the H2B program Jolly Shows would not be able to operate at the level that it is accustom to. "

Peter Joseph

Jolly Shows



" My husband and I have worked with James Judkins at JKJ Workforce for over 10 years.  We own and operate a seasonal business.  We have several food concession stands that we operate at county fairs.  My husband has been in the business over 40 years, I have been with him over 30 of those years.  Without the services that James Judkins provides my husband and I would be out of business.  James provides us with the same employees every year.  This means the employees are already trained.  The majority of our H2B Visa workers have family's and some even have their own businesses in Mexico.  They come and work for us during their off season.  We bring up to 15 H2B Visa workers every year starting in May through October, sometimes November.  We also have about 6 employees that are US citizens or residents that travel with us and the H2B Visa workers for the season.  We hire an additional 50 to 60 local employees at each location.  It is very difficult to find employees that are willing to travel and that only need to work 6 months out of the year.   Our business has been able to grow because of the H2B Visa workers.  James Judkins has never let us down.  He fights for us in Washington and does what needs to be done so that we may still have our H2B Visa workers. "

Chuck & Irene Dugan

Chuckwagon Concessions