Happy New Year!! H-2B Update & Call To Action

Happy New Year!! H-2B Update & Call To Action

Happy New Year!! H-2B Update & Call To Action

Did you miss the New Year Party??  Well, for the federal government, today is the first day of Fiscal Year 2020.  For all of us taxpayers there was no party, all we have is the terrible, lingering, hangover.  None of the appropriations bills have been finalized, the government is operating on continuing resolutions until the 21st of November.  No cap relief, no certainty for employers and workers, and no clear path forward.

After a 5-week recess, Congress returned to Washington, did not pass any appropriations bills, and has now adjourned for a couple of weeks.  If you can, reach out to your members of Congress, keep letting them know that H-2B cap relief is critical for the survival of your business.  Whenever H-2B comes up in Congress, your member of Congress needs to think of you.

Key to short and long term fixes to the program is Senate Judiciary Chair Lindsey Graham.  The Seasonal Employment Alliance is sponsoring a fundraiser for Senator Graham on Saturday October 12, 2019 at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort.   

The Outdoor Amusement Business Association PAC is supporting this event.  I have also made a personal contribution and will be attending the fundraiser representing OABA, SEA and my own company.

We need to raise more money and we need more employers with a tie to South Carolina to both contribute and to attend this event.  I have attached the Graham Dinner Invite. 

Please make a contribution, online, via credit card today at:


When you make your contribution, after your business name put either SEA or OABA (or both if appropriate).  Email a copy of the contribution to my email carnival.workforce@gmail.com and to SEA at gdelany@sealabor.com