Who Are Your Members Of Congress?

Who Are Your Members Of Congress?

Who Are Your Members Of Congress?

Find out who are your members of Congress.  This is based upon where you live and vote.  You have one US Representative and two US Senators.  To find out who they are you would go to:




Once you find out who your members of Congress are, follow the links and you will come to their official government pages.  This provides contact information such as: Washington & Home District physical address, phone numbers, hours of operation, faxes and methods to send emails.  There should be a home district office close to you.  [You should sign up to receive emails from your Member of Congress and this also provides some insight on their issues and possible events to attend in the district].

Putting a face on the issue means just that, putting your face in front of their face.  Schedule a face-to-face meeting so that they can understand you, your business, your need for temporary seasonal workers and the positive outcomes that result when there is a reliable and predictable H-2B program with sufficient visa slots to meet the certified need of small seasonal employers. 

It is your duty to let your Member of Congress know your truth.