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H2A Non-Immigrant

The H2A Non-Immigrant Visa is available for employers seeking temporary, seasonal workers in various positions related to Agriculture.

H2B Non-Immigrant

The H2B Non-Immigrant is available for employers seeking temporary workers in various positions that are considered Non-Agricultural.

Employment Based PERM

This immigrant visa includes several different categories of skill levels, each with differing processes and procedures, to fill permanent employment positions.

Other Non-Immigrant Visa Categories

There are a variety of other Non-Immigrant Visa Categories (P-1, O-1, Q-1, L-1) that might fit your specific business model. These are for athletic, artistic, cultural or business transfers that may be appropriate for filling those niches that you cannot fill with ready, willing and able US Workers.

Family Based PERM

Permanent Residence (Green Card) status can be obtained through various family relationships with US Citizens and Permanent Residents. We can discuss your case and suggest options. We are LGBTQ friendly.


Although DACA or Dreamer status is currently in the courts, it will eventually be resolved, updated and expanded. Evaluation, preparation and documentation of you situation may be prudent.


It is unknown when and if Congress will pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform and what will be included, but evaluation of your current status, and preparing documentation in anticipation of Congressional Action, is prudent.

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Employers contract with JKJ Workforce Agency because they have specialized needs for labor that are difficult to fill. The positions offered are typically temporary, seasonal, peak load, involve repetitive travel, nontraditional circumstances, physical or repetitive labor, without traditional pathways for career advancement. Most US Citizens are looking for full time, year-round, jobs that are close to home and provide a path for advancement. Some, such as students, young people looking for adventure, or active required, may be interested in temporary seasonal positions. Foreign workers, who wish to come to the USA to learn skills, earn monies legally and to provide for their loved ones back home, also may desire seasonal jobs in the USA as they are able to increase their families and communities standard of living, visit the USA and return home to be with their family on a regular basis. If you are a US Citizen, Legal Resident or Foreign National searching for temporary, seasonal employment.

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